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About the book

The idea of becoming a digital nomad appealed to me so much that I left a corporate job in Copenhagen, hit the road and started freelancing. I used my marketing and blogging skills from previous projects and started offering services online. Step by step I became a freelancer in digital marketing… while traveling, learning to surf and experiencing many adventures as well as challenges.

SVET je moja kancelária (The World is My Office) is a book for those who are thinking about the digital nomad life, but also for those who are already living as nomads. On 280 beautifully crafted pages you will find my nomadic story, practical guides and you will see a lot of photos from beautiful places of this planet.

This book is only available in Slovak.

and make you dreams come true


How did I start working remotely and what have I learned in five years of freelancing and blogging?


What unusual situations have I found myself in during my travels in Latin America, Europe or Bali?


How to get started as a digital nomad? 10 simple guides will give you a basic overview.


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Svet je moja kancelária Silvia Púchovská

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