Confidence, consistence and creativity in marketing. I will help you target the best audience, set up an effective plan and appropriate tactics to sell more. Focus on what works. Avoid what takes your time and money. Learn how to measure and evaluate individual activities. Ideal for personal brands and small business who want to communicate professionally and consistently.


7 x 1-on-1 sessions on the following topics:

  • Target group
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Content pillars and tone of voice
  • Editorial plan
  • Content Creative
  • KPIs and evaluation

I will be your marketing and business partner, “challenging” and inspiring you with new business and creative ideas. We’ll look at your vision strategically, but also operationally so you can practically implement everything you learn from me.



  • slávica design
  • Vačice
  • Woollies
  • CentrumDys
  • Patris Jarabicová
  • Jana Hybská skincare
  • Lagartija
  • Soulspace jóga
  • Gabriela Mackaničová
  • Prostě ateliér
  • drobne
  • a další 🙂



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