Nomadic roots. I was born in small town in Slovakia called Snina. My family was a moving around when I was a child and finally settled in the capital, Bratislava, where I went to school. I grew up in Bratislava and spent three long summers in Spain with my parents during my childhood. During university, I spent two incredible summers in New York City thanks to the Work & Travel program, which changed my perspective on life. I was eager to explore the world and I still am to this day.

One-way ticket. After successfully completing the Business School at the University of Economics, I packed a backpack and bought a one-way ticket to Tenerife. I stayed there for a year, working as a waitress and digital TV assistant. Thanks to learning to speak Spanish fluently, I got an internship in Denmark. After a year in the north, I discovered the city of my dreams at the time – Copenhagen, where I worked for three years as a marketing project manager for Sennheiser.

Career break. In the summer of 2012, I went on a year-long “career break”, which started in the mecca of creativity – Berlin. I started my first blog there. After that, I travelled almost all of South America by myself and discovered the magic of nature. After a year of travel, I returned to the office, but it was no longer what I wanted for my life. I longed to continue my journey and learn more about the world. In January 2014, I set out on my journey.

Marketer and blogger. Currently I am doing online marketing, marketing mentoring and organizing workshops. I work online and love to be in tropical countries where I can surf. My love for the ocean has added a new element to my being and a higher quality to my lifestyle.

The world is my office. The story of how I became a digital nomad is described in my first book. How I traveled the world, built a digital business, met inspiring people, surfed. What I learned and experienced. The book is perfect for those who are new to nomadism, but also for those who are already living as nomads.

I wish you happy travels, not only in the world, but especially in life.

Silvia Puchovska

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu